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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  January 5, 2013 2:00pm-3:00pm PST

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twitter at dr.sanjaygupta. "newsroom" starts now. i'm deborah ferric in for don lemon. you are in the cnn "newsroom" with us. leaders in steubenville, ohio are speaking out today, vowing to keep the community updated on a rape case that has consumed the small ohio town. and allegations of a cover-up. the city has launched a website to provide transparency and
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offer a time line of evidence. two 16-year-old members of the town's high school football team are charged with sexually assaulting an underage girl at a series of back-to-back school parties. protesters rallied today in support of the alleged victim. also to protest the town's handling of the case. a live report that is coming up for us. well, there's new outrage in india over a brutal gang rape and murder case. even as five suspects are set to appear before a fasttrack court in new dehli on monday, police are denying some alarming accusations from the victim's male friend who was savagely beaten in the attack. he gave a television interview about what happened to him and his companion who later died of her injuries. he says they waited more than 45 minutes for help to arrive. and that no one would stop to help them. the indian bar association reportedly says none of its members want to represent the suspects, so the court is expected to assign a defense attorney and a police source tells the reuters news service, the victim bit some of the
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suspects. the bite marks will be used as evidence. aurora, colorado is facing a new tragedy. a barricaded gunman and three people are dead. after hours of negotiations, police say the suspect opened fire on police. officers shot and killed him, and found two men and a woman dead inside the house. a woman had escaped earlier and told police she had seen three legless bodies inside. aurora is the same denver suburb where the summer's mass shooting at a movie theater took place. published reports says lance armstrong is thinking about admitting he used performance-enhancing drugs. the "new york times" says armstrong is considering the admission in hopes he can restore his athletic ability. armstrong's denies he's in any talks about anti doping agencies, but did not address whether armstrong told associates he was considering the admission.
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a woman dived through a glass window to escape her burning home after a plane crashes into it. all three people died in the crash yesterday north of daytona beach. the pilot reported mechanical problems and was trying to make an emergency landing at an airport a mile away. the woman in the house suffered only bruises. now more details about the alleged rape of a teenaged girl in steubenville, ohio. city leaders are speaking out about the investigation involving two local high school football players. two 16-year-old boys have been identified. they're accused of raping a 16-year-old girl while she was apparently drunk or unconscious. photos showed up on twitter, instagram and facebook. susan candiotti joins me live from steubenville, ohio. a number of people think there has been a cover-up to protect the members of the high school football team. what are you learning? >> reporter: you know, deborah, a lot of people here say they are not confident that everybody
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who might be involved has been arrested. and they want answers. well, ohio's attorney general is now leading the investigation after the local prosecutor here recused herself. there are a lot of connections around here, and everybody knows somebody who might be connected to the high school and possibly this case. and the chief investigator, the chief prosecutor, the attorney general says, he's not done with his investigation, but there might be more arrests. more details tonight on that investigation. >> welcome to steubenville! [ cheers and applause ] >> reporter: next month's trial is the talk of this small ohio town. the teen rape case went viral when this video appeared on the internet showing local teens joking about the incident in a vulgar way. >> that's really not cool, but -- >> that's like rape. it is rape. >> reporter: attorneys for the accused, trent mays on the right, and malik richmond on the left, both 16, identified them
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in this photograph holding the alleged victim, also 16, who is not being publicly named. both sides debate whether she was conscious at this moment. during a long night of drinking at several parties last august, according to witnesses who testified at this hearing last october. prosecutors told a juvenile court they have evidence she was raped. >> she was unresponsive and not in a position of consent and they knew about it. and let's be clear. they knew she was drunk. >> reporter: in an exclusive interview with cnn, mays' lawyer claims his client received a text, allegedly sent by the teenage girl. it reads, quote, i know you didn't rape me. do you have that text? >> we do. that is something that is going to be introduced at trial. >> reporter: and did he reply? >> that's something that's going to be introduced at trial. yes. >> reporter: why do you think she sent that? >> because i don't think she thinks she was raped. >> reporter: he would not show that or any other text. the teenage girl's attorney
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won't confirm any text message. >> this young girl was unconscious, so she wouldn't have the ability to know whether she was raped or not on the day after or two days after or three days after, whatever the timing of that was. we also don't know and we don't know whether the defendant -- trying to coerce or talk people into making statements or trying to build up the defense for themselves after they started realizing this thing kind of unfolded. >> reporter: police say it unfolded like this. the alleged rape occurred during all-night partying august 11th. on august 14th at 1:40 in the morning, the alleged victim's mom goes to police with a flash drive of tweets and internet postings and police open an investigation. that same day, time unknown, the alleged text message is sent. there is testimony from a probable cause hearing last october from a player who was there at one of the parties that night. and he testified that your client and you'll pardon the language, used his fingers to
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sexually penetrate her. did that happen? >> we deny that. svehemen vehemently. >> reporter: now, mays' lawyer also claims he has letters sent to that witness and others by the prosecution offering them promises they won't be prosecuted if they testify. ohio's attorney general flatly denies that any deals have been struck. deb? >> susan, what is so interesting. first of all, what's to say that one of the defendants didn't actually take the victim's phone and send that text himself or one of the friends, one of the other football players? because there is no evidence as to who sent that text. we just know that it was from the victim's phone. >> reporter: we certainly do not know the full context of that text or what might have been sent before it or after it or by whom, because we don't -- we haven't seen all of the evidence that is now in discovery, but certainly is available to all
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the lawyers in this case. we don't know if we're seeing one isolated text message and not more. and remember, there was also testimony at a probably cause hearing back in october from the police that said that this young lady said she didn't remember anything about that night. there was a lot of testimony that she was drunk and unconscious most of the time. so we must keep everything in context until we see all evidence at trial. >> yeah, no question about that. very quickly, this began at an assistant coach's home. i mean, one would think that the number of witnesses who may have been involved or will be called to testify is going to be enormous. >> reporter: well, certainly we know that there were at least two dozen, according to many people and the lawyers we have spoken with, who -- teenagers who were at various parties that night. so we don't know all of the answers about everyone who has been interviewed and what they had to say. and a lot of people remember who were there, have admitted to
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police, according to testimony, they deleteded pictures and videos that they took. >> right. all right. susan candiotti for us, thanks so much. this is certainly going to be a really interesting one to watch. and interesting perspective from the defense attorney. thank you so much for that. and, of course, at 10:00 p.m. eastern, much more on the story that has grabbed the nation's attention, the crime, the investigation, the role of the group anonymous and how the social media has changed the way this and other crimes will be prosecuted. we're going to talk to the attorney for one of the accused rapists, plus the woman who felt a crime was being covered up so she took to the internet to bring attention to it. and our own dr. drew pinsky on how this crime could happen. we're going to be going in depth. you want to join us at 10:00 eastern. the head of the iconic missoni fashion house known for its bold geometric patterns is missing. their private plane disappeared off the coast of venezuela. the oldest son of the italian designer is the company's marketing manager and the brand's ambassador around the
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world. venezuelan authorities are searching for the plane which disappeared friday morning. two pilots were also on board. president bashar al assad is expected to speak tomorrow about the civil war that has devastated his nation, according to state television. there was no pause today in the conflict. activists say at least 57 people were killed. this video is said to be from the damascus suburbs. look at that. it goes on and on. a leader says rebel forces tried to cut off their food and medical supplies. elsewhere, opposition fighters say they're making progress in their fight for a key air base. this footage reportedly shows the aftermath of shelling on a nearby town. u.s. soldiers are on the ground in turkey, helping install patriot missiles that could defend the country from an attack from syria. turkey, mean time, is it is still taking in the flood of refugees fleeing the violence. nations bordering syria are planning a conference to discuss the growing crisis.
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many of them are already home to palestinian refugees so an influx of syrians is extremely tough to handle. the u.n. says it has registered a 577,000 refugees, but that's just the registered number. the u.n. actually believed the true number of refugees is much, much higher. american film maker matthew van dike spent two months in syria closely following the rebels trying to bring down the assad regime. he's back in the u.s. with this brutal conflict. nick valencia tells us what inspired this american to risk his life and one of the world's most dangerous war zones. >> i joked that i have -- i always keep one bullet left in my gun for myself. >> yes. you must keep one bullet here in syria. you keep it for yourself. it's better then. the regime catch you -- it's a guarantee that way. you must keep one bullet. >> reporter: american activists and film maker matthew vandike
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dodged a lot of bullets in alep aleppo, syria. a pro rebel documentary aimed at raising funds for the free syrian army. for two months, vandike embedded himself with rebels in the cross fire of the country's civil war. >> i strongly believe in the cause of the syrian people. i fought in the war in libya in 2011. and i saw the effects of what we accomplished, and i want syrians to have freedom as well. >> reporter: in august, 2012, cnn profiled the 33-year-old from baltimore, maryland, who has a master's in middle east security from georgetown university. he had just returned from eight months in libya where he fought alongside anti gadhafi rebels, but also spent six months in a libyan prison. the former journalist turned self proclaimed pre dom fighter and now film maker believes he can also make a difference with rebels on the ground in syria. his film, he says, helps humanize the revolution. >> i used to wear fancy dresses and high heels.
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but not anymore. >> reporter: vanvike's documentary titled "not anymore a story of revolution" profiles two protagonists to draw attention to the deadly conflict. one of the characters, nora, a producer, says the life for many syrians is a living nightmare. >> i'm not going to give up. even if i have to die, i'm going to do this. >> it's a shame, you know. nora is a young woman. she was 24 when i filmed her. she is going to spend her 20s in war. this war will likely go on for years. >> reporter: but with more than 60,000 civilians killed in the last two years, according to the united nations, many wonder if they'll live to see the end of it. >> they're a little bit shocked, disappointed. they thought after libya that help would be coming to them. they don't understand. they feel abandoned, they feel abandoned to their deaths and largely they're right. >> vandike's film is set to debut online in february. nick valencia, cnn, atlanta.
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venezuelanan's rally today for hugo chavez. chav chavez's health is tragedy i will following his fourth cancer operation. the next update on the president's health will come in a few days. chavez is supposed to be inaugurated for a new term next week. today venezuelanan lawmakers re-elected a speaks of the national assembly. the move could signal support as
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a possible successor. however, chavez has said he wants his vice president to succeed him. well, the fiscal cliff deal not going over so well with the majority of americans. a new poll finds more disapprove than approve of the new deal. 43% say it's okay. 45 do not. 12% have no opinion. along party lines, two-thirds of democrats gave their okay to the compromise bill which, among other things, taxes the wealthier at higher rates. but almost two-thirds of republicans, they're unhappy over the deal. gallup also found none of the political leaders involved in the fiscal cliff showdown got a favorable rating. house speaker john boehner scoring the worst. the battle over the debt ceiling is just beginning. that's the self-imposed government borrowing limit imposed by congress. if the limit is not raised by late february or early march, the u.s. runs the risk of defoughting on its bills. close to $1 trill is needed to cover a year of borrowing.
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what's president obama's strategy? brian todd has the answer to the trillion-dollar question. >>. >> reporter: the president says he won't negotiate with congress over lifting the debt ceiling. >> i will not play that game. >> reporter: republicans say -- >> the president may not want to have this debate, but it's the one he's going to have, because the country needs it. >> reporter: so while they debate over a debate and raise head-long into the dead ceiling, is there a magic bullet to solve the crisis? try a magic coin. some economists, legal scholars and now even a congressman, are suggesting a $1 trillion platinum coin could be minted and the government could use that to pay the debt, avoid default and preempt the debt kreeg crisis. democratic congressman gerald name and address or of new york says i'm being serious. it sounds silly but it's absolutely legal. why do you think it's a good idea right now? >> well, i think it's better than a government shutdown. it's better than defaulting on the debt. it's better than the bad at
2:20 pm
actives. >> reporter: and technically, it does appear to be legal. here's how. the u.s. government can print new money, but under law, there is a limit to how much paper money can be in circulation at any one time. there are also rules that at least limit the denominations that gold, silver and copper coins can be. but there is no limit on platinum coins. the president can issue a platinum coin in any denomination. treasury can mint can it and print on it $1 trillion. the president can then order that coin to be deposited at the federal reserve. then, says ganyon. >> when the treasury writes checks to pay people, the fed will cash them. >> reporter: and that money would never be in public circulation. so it wouldn't caussin inflation. but he says it will only temporarily pay america's bills. won't bring down its massive debt long-term. that's also some conservatives' argument against it. >> i think this is waving pixie dust over the debt and pretending it's going to go
2:21 pm
away. another wild gimmick. minting new coins isn't going to do anything about dealing with the fundamental problem. >> reporter: and what if the coin got stolen? remember this from dr. evil? >> if you want it back, you're going to have to pay me $1 million! [ laughter ] >> reporter: apparently then the government could just mint another one. and by the way, none of this requires congressional consent. we've tried to see if this something the president would actually consider. white house hasn't gotten back to us. brian todd, cnn, washington. well, it's been three weeks since the massacre in newtown, connecticut. sandy hook elementary classes have been moved to a nearby town, but are the kids ready? that's next. i've discovered gold.
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former congresswoman gabrielle giffords was in newtown, connecticut this weekend where a gunman killed 26 people last month. giffords survived a mass shooting herself in her district two years ago. she met with local and state leaders to discuss gun control legislation, mental health identification and also treatment. the kids at connecticut sandy hook elementary school returned to classes this week. three weeks after 20 of their classmates were shot and killed, along with several educators. classes were moved to nearby connecticut where students were welcomed with greetings and ribbons along the route. behavioral expert wendy walsh is with us. when the kids showed up, their found their own desks had been moved to the new school. how important is it, recreating the space they left behind on that horrible day?
2:25 pm
>> it's so important, because these are the visual cues that remind them that everything is normal, everything is the way it was before. and i really commend the town for taking the time and effort to move all of the items and try to recreate it as much as possible. what these kids need is stability, consistency, to know that life goes on and that they're going to be fine. >> i want you to listen to a young man who i spoke with, a student from sandy hook, 9 years old. take a listen. >> well, this has been a huge crushing to us. and it makes me really happy to see all those people trying to help. and that's a big part that makes me feel better. watching people, and they're all trying to make it better. >> that's ben paley and his little brother ethan paley is next to him. one thing fascinating toe in is the resiliency. because of their age, do you think these young children will heal faster than their parents?
2:26 pm
because it's the parents who really seem to be having this range of incredible emotions and major the kids aren't old enough to have the same intensity of emotion. >> well, the kids are definitely old enough to have the feelings and have the intensity. but their brains have better neuro plasticity. so there is less chance -- most kids can recover better from post traumatic stress disorder than most adults. not to say that some kids won't be really damaged by this. but just to say, they have a better likelihood of healing. i think the problem, though, is that parents need to learn to contain themselves. becae parents are being reinjured. in other words, we all have little bunches of fear and trauma and awful things that happen through our lives. and as we get older, we're sort of getting reinjured with every new one and they mount up and compile. so parents can learn to contain themselves better. go see their own therapists, go talk it out with other adults and not put it on the kids. because remember, kids are little sponges and use us as their guiding light for emotional life. >> i've covered a couple stories and i'm about to sort of slip
2:27 pm
into the ladies room when i'm around children so they don't see i'm feeling so sad. you were part of this big social media movement after the attacks. tell me about it. >> well, very early on a few days later, nbc's ann curry sent a tweet that she didn't know would go so viral. it basically said, could you imagine if we all did 20 acts of kindness to remember the 20 children who have died? of course then it became 26 acts of kindness. and it was on twitter and it's # #20acts or #26acts. so i thought what a lovely idea. i put $20 bills under homeless people's pillows, paid for people behind me in the drive through line, bought clothes for a foster kid. i'm only up to 17. but in the meantime, it's gone viral on twitter. millions of americans are doing random acts of kindness. and that has been proven scientifically, actually, to rival an antidepressant as far as elevating mood is concerned. we should all be doing random acts of kindness, i think, in
2:28 pm
response to this tragedy. as kids said, look around, look for the helpers, the kindness that has come out of this and let's make it blossom. >> absolutely. because everybody feels a little bit vulnerable, a little bit helpless when something like this happens. so when you try and make someone else's life better, it is repairing. wendy walsh, so interesting to speak with you. thanks a million. >> nice to see you. after years of denying that he ever cheated, a new report says lance armstrong is thinking about admitting exactly that. we'll tell you what his attorney is saying, coming up next. this was the hole my waist was on.
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half past the hour now. let's take a look at the headlines. well, leaders in steubenville, ohio speaking out today, vowing
2:31 pm
to keep the community updated on a rape that consumed the ohio town. amid social media pressure and allegations of a cover-up, the city has launched a website which they say will provide transparency and offer a time line of the evidence. two 16-year-old members of the towns high school football team are charged with sexually assaulting a 16-year-old girl in a series of back-to-back parties. protesters rallied today in support of the alleged victim and to protest the town's handling of the case. aurora, colorado. facing a new tragedy. a barricaded gunman and three other people are dead after an early-morning standoff with police. after hours of negotiations, police say the suspect opened fire on police. officers shot and killed him and found two men and a woman dead inside the house. the woman escaped earlier and told police she had seen three lifeless bodies inside. aurora is the same denver suburb where mass shooting occurred this summer in a movie theater. rescue crews are narrowing their search for a missing sky
2:32 pm
diver in washington state. crews are focusing on a specific area in the rugged cascade mountains. kirk rupert was last seen thursday jumping out of a helicopter at more than 6,000 feet. the florida man was wearing a special suit that was supposed to allow him to glide. [ shouting ] pro british protests erupted again today in belfast, northern ireland after several nights of violent protest. they were sparked by a city council vote to stop flying the union red year-round. the union flag year-round. tensions between the catholic and protestant communities have been high for months. the italian fashion mogul missoni and his wife are missing. the plane vanished friday morning. missoni is the marketing manager and is known as an ambassador for the brand featured in target stores here in the u.s.
2:33 pm
his fashion label is known for patterned knit wear and signature zigzag stripe. ali alina cho has more on the impact. >> reporter: there are few names bigger than missoni, a company founded in 1953, an iconic label built on knit wear, bold colors and patterns. missoni did a collaboration with target, which sold out immediately. i would venture to guess that it is the most successful target designer collaboration to date. >> and target's website temporarily crashed due to huge popularity of missoni's productproduct products. he is a crucial part of the fashion world. >> one of the first big exports of italian fashion. and missoni was like gucci. really some of the names that made history.
2:34 pm
>> we'll keep you posted on all new developments in the search for missoni. a published report says lance armstrong may be getting ready to come clean. the "new york times" is reporting armstrong is considering admission that he used performance-enhancing drugs in the hopes he can restore his athletic eligibility. in an e-mail to cnn sports, armstrong's attorney denies the disgraced cyclist is in talks with anti doping agencies. his attorney, however, did not address whether armstrong has told associates he's considering a public confession. earlier today on cnn, the editor of "bicycling" magazine said an armstrong confession would be a very big deal. >> my sources also indicate that armstrong and some of his representatives have been reaching out to people at the u.s. anti doping agency, at the u.s. justice department and some of the individuals that might have financial claims against him. and he's really seeing if he can negotiate a situation where he
2:35 pm
could make a confession, and if that happened, even though i've known the accusations to be true for a couple years, at least, it would be a shocking thing to finally see him come out and make that admission. >> armstrong was stripped of his seven tour de france titles and banned from cycling last october after the u.s. anti doping agency presented evidence that had orchestrated a sophisticated doping program. a man answers an ad on craigslist volunteering to be a sperm donor for a lesbian couple. sounds fine, right? but now three years later the state of kansas says he's got to hand over child support.
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2:38 pm
an american pilot has been suspended for allegedly being drunk right before takeoff. tsa agents in minneapolis say they smelled alcohol on his breath. the 48-year-old pilot was on the plane yesterday wrapping up his preflight when officers gave him a breathalyzer test. he allegedly failed the test and police arrested him. a man no got disrupted on a flight from iceland to new york eventually found out he was messing with the wrong passengers and crew. they used duct tape and zip ties to keep him from talking or moving. not a good way to travel. iceland air says it can't vouch for the photo but a spokesman confirms a passenger had to be restrained after hitting, screaming and spitting at other people on the flight.
2:39 pm
a fellow passenger posted the picture online and says the man, quote, drank all of his duty-free liquor during the flight. he was arrested after the plane landed. he has not been charged. the state of north carolina has appealed a federal judge's ruling that the state's choose life license plates violent the first amendment. district court judge james fox ruled less than a month ago the plates are unconstitutional because the state did not also approve plates with an alternative message promoting abortion rights. the aclu filed a lawsuit in 2011 to block the plates which were approved by the north carolina legislature that same year. 29 other states currently offer license plates featuring the "choose life" slogan. an unusual story out of kansas. a lesbian couple places an ad on craigslist searching for a sperm donor. no financial strings attached. a man responds to their ad, delivers the goods to their home and the couple conceives a child. but after the couple broke up, the child's mother applied for medicaid, the state came in and
2:40 pm
said the sperm donor must pay child support, because the donation did not happen in a doctor's office. donor william marana explains how it all began. >> perusing craigslist, just almost like window shopping, just looking around, and ran across an ad that was asking for a sperm donor. for what reason intrigued my interest. answered the ad. i didn't know that there wasn't a democratic tore involved. >> holly hughes is here, criminal defense attorney. and there was an agreement that the sperm donor would be off the hook. is the state being a little too aggressive in pursuing this? >> i think they are. and what you're going to find, the law says in kansas that a sperm donor is not a parent. they are not considered on the hook if the artificial insemination happens in a doctor's office. so you're walking a very fine line here. now, the law does not go on to say, but if it doesn't happen in a doctor's office, it's just silent on the issue. so when this lesbian cup can he
2:41 pm
will broke up and one mother has custody, obviously, she had -- she needed assistance, she applied for medicaid and the state is saying why should the taxpayers be on the hook. both have a good argument. we're going to see new legislation to catch up with the times. this is one of the areas where the law has not kept pace with culture. and with our changing definition of what is a family and who is responsible. >> the mother has said she will pay. she will be the one to pay. >> absolutely. >> if -- well, sorry, if the sperm donor does decide he is going to kick in money, okay, then he could also argue he's entitled to certain parental rights even. >> well, he could. because basically, the women and the sperm donor signed a contract. they thought they were doing it right. they said we're terminating his parental rights, he's not going to be about the baby's life. but alternatively, he's not on the hook for anything. this is our baby. this is what we want. so the state came in and said, oh, yeah, but we're totally ignoring that, because not only
2:42 pm
did you not have a doctor for the insemination, you didn't have a lawyer when you drafted the contract and it's not right, it's against the law. so we're just ignoring it. so these people tried desperately to do the right thing. it's important to note, it's not the lesbian couple going after this man. they have said, we support his argument. we're not looking for him to pay up. but the state says too bad, because we don't want the taxpayers to be on the hook. they need to finesse that law so what they agreed on initially, this couple that adopted the baby or had the baby said we are the parents, he we want to be responsible. so if they had same-sex marriage, you wouldn't see this problem. because when they separated or divorced, like any other couple, that parent would be on the hook for child support. >> i would think a good lawyer could basically argue this is discrimination. because huh they're doing is -- >> yes. >> so i want to move on to another case. this is so gruesome. this is arizona, 2008, travis alexander found with his throat slit ear to ear, shot in the
2:43 pm
face, 29 stab wounds to his body. now his ex-girlfriend, jody arias facing death penalty for killing him. what has been the most shocking, surprising thing to you. >> to me the most shocking is how hard the defense has come out fighting in this case. they've got a client who gave the police three different stories. number one is, oh, yeah, we were friends. but i hadn't seen him in a while. number two was, oh, you have my bloody fingerprint, two intruders busted in and attacked the both of us. number three was, okay, i killed him, but it was self defense. a lot of times that's just the defendant's word. you don't have anything to back that up. the defense has come out swinging. they came out in opening statement and they said this is absolutely self defense and without using the words, we believe her, and here's what you're going to hear. he was not this great, nice guy the state is painting him as. he sent awful e-mails to her. vile things, saying awful things, showing he was in control. they showed a t-shirt that said
2:44 pm
"travis alexander is positive" and make her wear it around the house. so they were establishing it's not as cut and dry as you think. it is an overwhelming case as far as bloody, gruesome evidence. that's what the jury is seeing. the issue is not motive, but why did it happen? because see motive is never important. you can kill somebody and the state never has to explain a motive. they're saying it's jealousy. the defense is saying, no, it was self defense. and here's why. and i find it really interesting what's fascinating a lot of the pundits, a lot of the people i've been discussing this case with, they're so upset that the defense is bringing out e-mails where the victim said awful things to the defendant. that's not character assassination, deborah. that's evidence. you and i both covered another very famous trial where we -- let's just put it out there.
2:45 pm
>> we were together when i saw your jaw hit the table. >> they read the verdict and you looked and said what is going on? because there the defense attorney stood up and said a lot of shocking things in opening. but there was no evidence to back it up. here they have evidence and people are upset because the defense is bringing it out. >> this is such an interesting to watch. holly hughes, you're going to bring insights to this. thanks so much. we appreciate it. >> great to see you. >> you too. president obama gets ready to step out of paradise and into the snake pit over the debt ceiling in washington. we're going to take you live to honolulu.
2:46 pm
2:47 pm
2:48 pm
we still have the fiscal cliff and now the capitol hill confrontations over the debt ceiling are expected to get as intense, if not worse. the debt ceiling is the legal limit on the nation's borrowing. as you would expect, with republicans and democrats also drawing a line. despite approving the fiscal cliff compromise, gop lawmakers say it was missing something monumental, long-term spending cuts. >> the simple truth is that we are in this fiscal mess because washington takes too much of your money and then wastes it. that's the real problem. and it needs a real solution. we have to make sure washington is accountable for every tax dollar it spends. we have to make sure that your money is spent efficiently and effectively. >> president obama is wrapping up his second stay in hawaii for the holidays, and when his
2:49 pm
family returns to washington there is plenty of political drama waiting for him. dan lothian joins me from honolulu. and dan, what is on the agenda when the president returns and has this even been a relaxing vacation? >> reporter: well, he did get a chance to relax a bit, went out on the golf course, got to go out on the town with his daughters, also worked out at the gym. but there has been a lot on the president's plate, and certainly we'll have to confront all of these issues as he heads back to washington. by the way, the first family been departing honolulu around 10:00 tonight. as you pointed out, the next fiscal matter will be debt ceiling republicans for some time now, and have been promising a fight, saying they want those spending cuts in exchange for raising the at the time ceiling. but the president for a number of days now, and certainly in the most recent time here, his weekly address, has said that he is not willing to compromise on this. and will not negotiate. >> one thing i will not compromise over is whether or not congress should pay the tab
2:50 pm
for a bill they have already racked up. if congress is to give the united states to pay its bills on time, consequences for the entire global economy could be catastrophic. last time congress threatened this course of action, our entire economy suffered for it. our families and our businesses cannot afford that dangerous game again. >> reporter: in addition to that, the president has also promised he wants to tackle immigration reform and gun violence in the wake of the shootings in connecticut. so a lot on the president's plate as he heads back to washington. >> and also think, the cabinet, secretary of defense, secretary of treasury, any insights on that? >> reporter: that's right. chuck hagel, sources have been telling us, is at the top of the list. in fact, one source telling cnn for the department of defense that he is, quote, locked down that nomination over the treasury. jack lew remains at the top of the list. and over at the cia, of the
2:51 pm
list. and the cia, that vacancy, john brennan, the counterterrorism adviser, and michael morrel, on the short list. so the president has key positions to fill. and could be doing it this week. >> while i'm focused on you, i can't help but notice the stunning background. >> reporter: it is beautiful. >> all right, following the president. two teens take a chance on a frozen lake and are lucky to escape with their lives, thanks to a nearby tree. people are always asking me how we make these geico adverts. so we're taking you behind the scenes. this coffee cup, for example, is computer animated. it's not real. geico's customer satisfaction is quite real though. this computer-animated coffee tastes dreadful. geico. 15 minutes could save you 15 % or more on car insurance. someone get me a latte will ya, please?
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loth . well, this is one short cut they may want to rethink. a short cut across a partly frozen pond almost cost two arizona teens their lives. they were lucky to find a tree to hang on to. but that almost was not enough. >> reporter: 14-year-old christian van oller and felix norton were crossing the pond when it began to crack, they ran to a nearby dead tree, rising out of the water but not before losing some of their shoes to the ice. the teens waited for hours in frigid water, while they used a cell phone to call for help.
2:55 pm
firefighters in suits waded to the -- the boys. the boys, now safe and dry, thanked -- thanked the firefighting squad that rescued them. >> dear firefighters, thank you for helping us to get out. we are very sorry and shouldn't have been out there. >> i regret in decisions and thank you for saving us, we promise to never do it again. >> reporter: and the boys will pay a price. >> they won't get their cell phones taken away, but that is the only reason they got rescued. but x box will probably be it. >> reporter: sandra endo, washington. >> and they learned a lesson. two mystery guys in a speed boat put out a huge fire without any special equipment. you got to see these special moves, james bond, watch out.
2:56 pm
2:57 pm
2:58 pm
a heat wave sweeping across australia has sparked bush fires in article areas, temperatures soar to 107 degrees in tazmania, which is usually known for its cooler climate. police say 70% of the buildings in one town were destroyed. this entire seaside area was devastated, with people forced to run away as the fire ripped through. so far no injuries were reported. and in new zealand, it looked like a stunt, but not
2:59 pm
exactly a stunt. things were looking pretty bad, burning out of control. but then, an anonymous hero appe appears and makes a big splash, literally. >> reporter: when a vessel cashes fire, the best way to put it out is probably with a hose, but when the boat is a flame on a little lake in new zealand, and there is no hose in sight, this is a sight for sore eyes. >> what are you doing? >>. >> reporter: two men put out the flames with a spray from their speed boat. they caught it on tape. >> this is crazy. >> reporter: the maneuver was performed not once, but four times, someone called emergency services but it took 25 minutes for fire trucks to reach the lake. and by then, the speed boat had done it trick, impressing even dispatch manager on duty. what do you call that technique that they used?